JARCO desserts – healthy choice for your children!


Every parent wants their kids to grow healthy and happy, we know it, as we’re parents too! And there multiple factors that contribute to healthiness and happiness of your children, and sometimes they contradict each other ❤️  🍪 .

What is important to stay healthy?

  • Regular physical activity 👟
  • Healthy food 🥕
  • Healthy sleep habits 🛌

And what matters for happiness? That’s very personal for each individual, but there are some common factors that always matter for kids:

  • Outdoor play and exercising as a family ⚽️
  • Tasty food 🍪
  • Pets 🐶

Both lists have “food” as one of the factors, but the adjectives that come with the word “food” on both lists are different, and are often contradictory in kids minds. Most children love desserts, but not every dessert is healthy. Many of them have lots of refined sugar, trans fats, palm oil, preservatives and other harmful unnatural ingredients. Consumption of such desserts, most likely, will lead to some health issues in the long run. Taking desserts away from children and only feeding them with apples, carrots and broccoli is not going to make them happy either, especially given that other kids around them are going to continue eating cookies.

So what should a caring parent do? Choose healthy and tasty desserts for kids! This will create healthy eating habits and your kids will benefit from it when they get older. There are options that are both healthy and tasty, one of these options is JARCO desserts. We do not add any artificial ingredients, don’t use palm oil or refined sugar. We also have gluten free options and all of our desserts taste spectacular (I know it sounds cocky, but it’s true)! Good dessert should be natural, it should be made from best ingredients and it should be made with care about health of those who will be eating it.



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