Sustainable business and what it means to JARCO

At JARCO we decided to take sustainability as one of the pillars of our business, because it is aligned with our (founders) personal values. We care about our planet and life on it. Thus it is important for us to make sure we minimize the amount of damage to environment from our business and help make population of the this planet healthier!

So what do we do to make our business sustainable? Here are some facts:

  • We reuse jars from jar desserts (return jar for a refund of $0.25) ♻️
  • All our packaging is made of biodegradable materials (no plastic) 🌳
  • We also minimize  the use of plastic in our operations 👩‍🍳
  • All our products and ingredients are healthy 🏃🏻‍♀️
  • We continuously expand this list to lead the sustainability charge 🌱

Each of the values above are the basses of our business that can never be neglected. Each of these rules has a purpose. For example, when clients return jars for refund, we wash and sanitize those jars and use them again. This way less glass goes into the garbage/recycling bin and less glass has to be produced. Both glass production and glass recycling (better, but still bad for environment) industries are harming our planet. While reusing containers from jar desserts is the most environment friendly option! Another important fact about our packaging: we do not use plastic. Cookie boxes are made of paper and garden twine, both are biodegradable. As for operations, one example of taking a long road to avoid using plastic is our banner on Humber Bay Shores Farmers’ Market. Instead of printing it on vinyl, that is cheaper, less labour intensive and is so much faster, we drew it manually on a cotton cloth (biodegradable)! Certainly it’s not a full list of things we do to be sustainable, final and very important one  is making a product that is healthy. Using more expensive ingredients to ensure products are good for your body is a key. We understand that one of the most important aspects of sustainability is to care about everything alive, including you!

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