We make vegan cakes, did you know?

Cakes, who doesn’t love to have a piece of cake after a good birthday dinner? It’s the highlight of any party and everyone will try it, even those who refuse at first will come and take a small piece after seeing joyful faces of other guests, who are eating the cake. But why some people are considering it a guilty pleasure? Because typically cakes have loads of saturated fat, refined sugar and other unhealthy ingredients!

With JARCO vegan cakes you don’t have to make a choice between tasty and healthy! Our cakes are made with only healthy ingredients. Our cakes are:

  • Eggs free 🥚
  • Milk free 🥛
  • Gluten free 🍞
  • Refined sugar free 🍭
  • 100% vegan 🌱

And yet they taste great! Flavour in our cakes comes from raw fruits (strawberry, lemon, lime and raspberry) and maple syrup, no artificial flavours are added. Another advantage is that you can try all flavours in our jar desserts for only $6 per jar. This way you’ll know which taste you like before buying a $45 cake.

JARCO vegan cakes come in several shapes and sizes:

  • 500 g – 15 cm ( 1.1 lb – 5.9 inches )
  • 1000 g – 15 cm or 20 cm ( 2.2 lb – 5.9 inches or 7.9 inches )
  • 1500 g – 20 cm or 23 cm ( 3.3 lb – 7.9 inches or 9.05 inches )
  • 2000 g – 20 cm or 23 cm ( 4.41 lb – 7.9 inches or 9.05 inches )

Now that you know all about our cakes you can enjoy irresponsibly, since our cakes are healthy!

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