Vegan is not always healthy

In modern world many people believe that if something is vegan, then it is healthy. However it is not always true. By definition anything that does not contain animal products (such as milk, eggs, butter, meat etc.) is vegan. For example, a cake where eggs and milk ingredients are removed would technically be vegan. But depending on the type of flour used for dough and ingredients that go into cream it may be healthy or unhealthy. If the dough is made from white wheat flour and cream has a lot of added refined sugar (which is quite common for creams), this cake would not be healthy. While both  white wheat flour and refined sugar are vegan, they are going to cause spikes of insulin, which is harmful for your body in the long run and extremely dangerous for diabetic people. There are many other ingredients that are commonly used in vegan pastry and desserts, though they are not as healthy and are frequently used immoderately. The common feature of these ingredients is that they are highly processed. Here are some examples of ingredients to beware of when you read the list of ingredients:

  • Refined sugar / organic sugar (FDA approved, highly processed)
  • Starch (FDA approved, highly processed)
  • White wheat flour (FDA approved, highly processed)
  • Cellulose (FDA approved, but there are cases of allergic reactions)
  • Xanthan (FDA approved, but there are cases of allergic reactions)
  • Carrageenan (FDA approved, but there are cases of allergic reactions)
  • Maltodextrin (FDA approved, highly processed)

The rule of thumb is to avoid highly processed foods and ingredients, as it isn’t natural for your body and many of them may have long term effect that have not been fully explored yet.

Here at JARCO we keep our ingredients as simple and natural as possible! We only use coconut sugar (the healthiest known option) or maple syrup as sweeteners. We only use spelt flour, oat flour (gluten free) or almond flour (gluten free) in our pastry. Finally, we are working hard to make sure our desserts are vegan and healthy!

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