We are a small family owned and operated bakery in Kitchener, Ontario. We care about environment and live and promote a healthy life. 

Healthy life is first of all healthy food and exercise.


In 2019 our son was born and our Chef Olena developed a number of receipts of healthy desserts, because she couldn’t find good options on the market. After treating friends and family with these desserts we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback. Until someone suggested to sell our desserts, because they also couldn’t find anything tasty and healthy for their children.

So we did! In 2020 we decided to start a family business that would focus on healthy desserts for children and adults and not cause damage to our planet.


Make people healthier, keep planet clean!

We focus on producing healthy vegan desserts with minimal to no damage to environment! We do not cut costs on the ingredients, everything is carefully selected and is always of the best possible quality.

Also, we do not use plastic packaging. It’s not easy, but that’s our commitment to the future of our kids.

Healthy vegan desserts


100% satisfaction




The Chef, inspirational leader and author of all the great recipes. Refined sugar hater. Brand visioner.



Health missioner and numbers cruncher, responsible for business vision, technical and financial sides of business.



Gluten Free

What do you expect from your purchase? Our Store offers gluten free and non-gluten free options for all baked products. Jar products are 100% gluten free.

Plant based (vegan)

All of our products are plant based and vegan. We do not use animal products, which makes our deserts healthier than other alternatives.

Dairy free

Our products are dairy free, which is better for your stomach and skin. We do make sure that products we sell meet our strict quality standards.

Sugar free

We never use refined sugar, it is important for us to not pollute your receptors and body. Your health is our priority. No refined sugar, period.